What Is Trending for Flooring For 2019?

When you decide to build a home, the thoughts of choosing what goes inside sounds like a fun idea. It’s fun until the time where you absolutely must make a decision. Let’s take flooring for example. You worry about what products to use in your new home. Flooring is going to cover a lot of area, so you want to choose appropriately. You worry about what materials to use, the color, and what will look good where. The trends for 2019 will focus on American-made products and newer products. Popular flooring will include waterproof vinyl, eco-friendly products, waterproof carpets, American-made wood flooring and waterproof laminate. The colors will lean towards high variation,grays, whites, blonde, and honey. Regarding the blonde color, it is airy,light, and works with just about any décor you will have. One benefit is that it can make your room look bigger. While smooth floors are always a classic,you will see a lot of texture in 2019. You will see some hand scraped and distressed flooring, even a wire-brushed flooring. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your floors in 2019. Try unconventional widths and interesting patterns. You can get creative with diagonals, herringbone, and wide planks.Floors for 2019 will copy manmade and natural materials, such as wood and stone-look flooring. Some of the styles you will see will be coastal, farmhouse and contemporary. In 2019, we will be able to do so much more than ever with lookalike flooring and, as always, something that is low maintenance is always a good idea. 12×24 tiles are still popular, but there are tiles as big as 24×48 that are hitting the flooring scene. Rectangular tiles are still in demand for 2019 also.

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