The Front Door—A Welcoming Gateway to Your Home

Your front door says a lot about your home. It is really an indication of your style and taste. Most doors are made of fiberglass or wood.There are also metal options that might be of interest to some home buyers. Ofcourse, you can pick your door to go with the style of your home, whether it be traditional, craftsman, modern, rustic or arched. Each of these doors has their own special curb appeal. Some doors have clear glass that is a beautiful clean look. However, you might be giving up privacy and security with clear glass. It depends on whether you live in a highly populated area, or more of a secluded spot. Other doors have obscured glass which can let in light, but still keep things private. Consider an arched door to really give your home a personality of its own. These must be custom-made and might be on the pricier side, but they make a statement at the entry of your home. Some homes might need more of a decorative statement at the front door. You can achieve this by using sidelights. These are narrow windows on either side of the front door. These Are great for letting in light and they can be clear or obscured, depending on your desire. Think about the hardware you would like for your door. What kind of door handle or door knob do you want? These can make a statement too. They’re all available in the finish that you want and a style that can fit your budget. A door knocker is an accent on doors that is gaining popularity. Even though you have a doorbell, a door knocker brings back a certain feel from past times. Have fun choosing your door. It will say a lot about your home.

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