Your Bathroom – Relaxation at Its Finest

Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and privacy. It should reflect your taste. Whether your bathroom is small or large, you can add your touch to make it just the way you want. You may not be able to make major changes as new trends come and go, but you can always mix it up with new shower curtains, plants, and fun bath towels. A great idea is to go with a neutral colored bathroom and then add new colors with accessories as you desire. Monochrome bathroom is back in style. You can pick just one color and then start your decorating with different shades of that color. To get you into decorating mood, just go get a color strip from a paint store and let the creativity begin. Bathrooms with minimal storage are on their way out. People are choosing to be more practical. You can find great bathroom storage ideas online that look great. It will make it nice to have a place to put everything you use in the bathroom. Focus these storage areas on corners, heights and the area below your eye level. New to bamboo? It is the renewable and green material of the future. People are using it for flooring and for the cabinetry.Nowadays, people are opting to give their bathroom a spa-like feel. Some have muted lighting, deep soaking tubs and soft textures. It would be good to add a little greenery also. Don’t forget the smooth river stones either. This will help with the spa-like feel. Metal frames are popular in the bathroom now. They can make shower doors look like window panes. It can give a bathroom a rustic or industrial feel. One fun thing for a bathroom is ceramic tile. It is so affordable, but now it can be made to look like almost anything: slate, marble,granite, even wood grain. Have fun with your decorating!

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